Malignant Spirit ft. Simon Kuiper

by Epimetheus

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Origins unknown

Parasitical beings roaming to and from
Our safeguard let down
Living amongst us all

Viruses erupting from surfaces of spectrums undiscovered
Futile creatures hailing services of us as slaves

Doomed for an eternity
Sacrificed to a deity
Extraterrestrial life
Our new leader of planet earth

Hypnotised to release us from our previous life

“Forced to re-manifest into a world overrun by bacterium
Demons of vast encounters heading in our direction
Futuristic entombment upon our race
Generations of ageing relinquished”

Attempting to escape to another void
They rip us to pieces and feast on our innards

There is no battle worth fighting
We have been unveiled by their intelligence
We are the undiscovered race

Infernal suns pushed unto us
Burning alive at the mercy of god

Glorification of the superior species
Universal enslavement by the hands of a life form not yet known

There is no final regard


released September 27, 2014



all rights reserved


Epimetheus Melbourne, Australia

Ian Erasmus
Nathan Duckworth
Alex Edgar
Grant McGuinness
Matt Fackrell
Aaron Hernyak

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