Evisceration Of The Scorned

by Epimetheus

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Boiling flesh
Broken bones
Tooth extraction
Branded as a rapist

Mistaken for taking control

Of a being who once

Was my wife

Do you live?
Left to be fed on
By insects
Watched as the decomposing body floats
Into the horizon so peacefully

As her flesh floats along into an early sea grave

Fire up the chainsaw, Mary has been caught
Red handed
In the act of blasphemy
Punish the bitch
Fill her cunt with wasps
Deteriorate from the inside out

Bloody mucus, fetal cysts
Aborted beings, a miscarriage
Hardened wound now torn to bits
Sew the cut to save her from… NO, LET HER BLEED!!!

Swarms of flies and moths nest inside
The remains of the holy mother
The warm carcass, the endless meal
A plague grows inside her once more

Impregnated necrofawn
Carrying the horror
Sharpened blade to her face
To lacerate and recreate
Into the woods her body is dragged
To be hung and fall apart
Harvest her blood to feed myself
Rape her and taste what I did make

Bodily juices are pumping again
I’m out to kill every,
Consider yourself a fucking target
Suicide, or I’ll bury your dead remains


released April 24, 2015
Recorded with Alex Edgar
Mixed and Mastered at Half Moon Productions (www.facebook.com/pages/Half-Moon-Productions)
Artwork by The Art Of Greenway (www.facebook.com/theartofcokigreenway)



all rights reserved


Epimetheus Melbourne, Australia

Ian Erasmus
Nathan Duckworth
Alex Edgar
Grant McGuinness
Matt Fackrell
Aaron Hernyak

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