by Epimetheus

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released January 31, 2015

Tracked with Alex Edgar
Mixed and mastered by Alex Bertuna at Preption studios



all rights reserved


Epimetheus Melbourne, Australia

Ian Erasmus
Nathan Duckworth
Alex Edgar
Grant McGuinness
Matt Fackrell
Aaron Hernyak

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Track Name: Delusions
Fed by formations
Of undefined solar systems

Your true identity,
A cosmic source from the system so vast
Unexplored space, light years away
Hidden forever from view

Your god lays among the clashing meteoroids
A paradox of dangerous obstacles

Primordial past
Brought the material omni-verse
To its knees

Fall from grace
Identify your creationist’s
Point of view

Reborn, time and time again
Reincarnation into different spectrums
Reformation encompasses a stronger being
Rectified from failure
Driven to be heard
Track Name: Malignant Spirit ft. Simon Kuiper of The Despot
Origins unknown

Parasitical beings roaming to and from
Our safeguard let down
Living amongst us all

Viruses erupting from surfaces of spectrums undiscovered
Futile creatures hailing services of us as slaves

Doomed for an eternity
Sacrificed to a deity
Extraterrestrial life
Our new leader of planet earth

Hypnotised to release us from our previous life

Forced to re-manifest in a world overrun by bacterium
Demons of vast encounters headed in our dimension
It is clear to me, futuristic entombment is now upon our race
Generations of ageing relinquished

Attempting to escape to another void
They rip us to pieces and feast on our innards

There is no battle worth fighting
We have been unveiled by their intelligence
We are the undiscovered race

Infernal suns pushed unto us
Burning alive at the mercy of god

Glorification of the superior species
Universal enslavement by the hands of a life form not yet known

There is no final regard
Track Name: Distorted Reality ft. Adam Caciolo of Athenas Wake
Of those who thought they could lead them to the realm
Of ever black and coated with darkness

Halted in evolution
Forward moving will continue once the master reforms
Pain will not seep through the cracks of time

Interstellar vices travelled the distance
To recreate their offspring’s helm
For generations and aeons of living
Adapting to their surroundings

Galactic entitlements
Shown forth by man

Millennia has passed and we still freeze in stand-still of progression
Hoarding around a single movement
Our ability to procreate as been relinquished from our grasp
We will remain in this limbo era until
We’re shown our way
We'll remain in a limbo era
Until we're shown our way

Gathered all to greet our maker
Lead us to death

Punish us for what we're worth

Distort our mind
So we can see what we’ve done now

Punish us for what we're worth

Dead bodies all around
From the sky they tumble down
Unto us
Unto us

We must live forth within our malice
This hatred grows stronger
Track Name: Ignorance
Manifest your deranged ways, amongst those who died
Obliterate your chances of life
Manipulate your sense of involuntary idiocy and
Display your misinformed conduct, elsewhere

Fracture our cycle of existence, we cannot live within regret
Cause halt to our routine, we're lost without it

Regret, drown in your sorrows
Stop being mindless
You wretched human scum

We cannot advance without clear instruction
Controlled; led straight to your death bed

Hatred consumes us, eating us alive
As you meander and multiply
Forever and ever and ever more
Cease to exist, you're causing us all suffering

Uncultivated epidemic
Miserable from birth to grave
Kill yourself


Annihilation of the putrid race
Misfortunate ways of the unvirtuous

Break open the shell of ignorance from your depraved mind
Bring forth the bane of humanity unto their creator

Sacrifice the ones who display
Their sense of abnormal of rationalisation
Incapacity will not be tolerated
They must reborn

Bathe those who suffer from sciolism
I will not let this go unpunished